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The Marchathon Step Challenge 2019

04/03/2019 12:00:00 AM - 29/03/2019 11:59:59 PM

Activities: Steps

Marchathon is the annual Smarter Travel Workplaces & Campus Walking Challenge that runs in March each year. This year it is open to Workplaces & Third Level Campuses who are Partners of the Smarter Travel Campus Programme. It's a team challenge, with teams of 3-6 people signing up and aiming to take as many steps as possible during the challenge, particularly on the commute. There are prizes to be won for the top steppers, the best improvers and there are also lots of spot prizes throughout the challenge. Follow us on social media for more information

2018 Smarter Travel Cycle Challenge

09/05/2018 12:00:00 AM - 29/05/2018 11:59:59 PM

Activities: Cycle

An awesome team event for cyclists of all levels to get back into gear and log as many trips as possible over 3 weeks in May. Form a team (3-6 cyclists), nominate a captain and get ready to go!

Marchathon 2018 - 10,000 Step Challenge

26/02/2018 12:00:00 AM - 23/03/2018 11:59:59 PM

Activities: Steps

This Challenge is open to staff and students of third level colleges who are partners of the Smarter Travel Campus programme. The aim of the challenge is to get up, get out and get walking for health, for the commute and for fun! 1. Get your team of 3 to 6 people together 2. All team members should register online (the team captain will register first and set up the team). 3. Decide what device you'll use to track your steps (e.g. Our Smarter Travel Step Counter App available for android and apple devices, an activity tracker, a pedometer or another app of your choice). Then you're all set to go! The challenge will run from the 26th of February. At the very least steps must be logged online by all team members by 2pm each Monday in order to be included in the weekly leaderboards but steps can also be entered online daily. Prizes will be awarded to teams reaching the top of the total steps and the improvement leaderboards. There are also prize draws throughout the challenge for reaching challenge targets, team photos, story competitions, step to your favourite tune and many more. Keep in touch Instagram: SmarterTravelCampus @STcampus