Team Leaderboard - Marchathon 2023

Team Leaderboard  -  Marchathon 2023

01/03/2023 12:00:00 AM - 31/03/2023 11:59:59 PM

Activities: Steps

This Leaderboard shows all Steps logged between 01 March 2023 00:00 and 31 March 2023 23:59 (as generated on 04 April 2023 15:19).

The Team Leaderboard 'Average' shows Steps logged by teams during the dates outlined above, divided by the number of members of the team.

Rank Team Organisation Average Steps by Team
TBC Front row students 2023 University of Limerick 50,033
TBC Industrial biochemists to be University of Limerick 9,838
TBC The H1 Team University Hospital Galway 98,821
TBC Laura O'Connor University College Cork 80,713
TBC MIRANDA Trinity College Dublin 204,948
TBC Spacers & Others Trinity College Dublin 196,343
TBC Cirque Du Sore Legs TUS Moylish Campus 167,407
TBC Waterford Walkers University Hospital Waterford 54,946
TBC The steppers SETU - Carlow 129,122
TBC Wandering Waddleberries Mary Immaculate College 36,236
TBC The Walking Talkies Lilly GBS 65,036
TBC CTSM Megans Team Lilly GBS 58,396
TBC Jog on! Northern Trust 30,745
TBC Sinead Corrigan Our Lady's Hospital Navan 223,593
TBC Psychology Children’s Health Ireland 35,863
TBC Tallaght trio + 1 Children’s Health Ireland 58,848
TBC The OccHealthers 2 Cork University Hospital 37,349
TBC D'Athletes Cork University Maternity Hospital 130,688
TBC Wasters Cork County Council 183,767
TBC Pounding Pavements Galway City Council 123,470
TBC SAMO Janssen Sciences Ireland 184,090
TBC Helen Egan ESB Group 56,566
TBC Operational Legxcellence ESB Group 12,225
TBC The Originals Dublin Bus 248,485
TBC The FM in FML Arup 65,734