Team Leaderboard - Walktober Step Challenge 2020

Team Leaderboard  -  Walktober Step Challenge 2020

05/10/2020 12:00:00 AM - 01/11/2020 11:59:59 PM

Activities: Steps

This Leaderboard shows all Steps logged between 05 October 2020 00:00 and 01 November 2020 23:59 (as generated on 02 November 2020 15:09).

The Team Leaderboard 'Average' shows Steps logged by teams during the dates outlined above, divided by the number of members of the team.

Rank Team Organisation Average Steps by Team
TBC Skinny Ladies Letterkenny Institute of Technology 74,791
TBC Healthy Campus Athlone Institute of Technology 156,478
TBC Waddlers Letterkenny Institute of Technology 107,082
TBC Nightwalkers Deloitte 55,471
TBC UL pacers 🏃 University of Limerick 66,174
TBC The Cold Walkers University of Limerick 9,012
TBC #meshoe Limerick City and County Council 41,900
TBC *To be decided on lunchtime walk Cork City Council 208,343
TBC Johhny Walkers University College Cork 54,602
TBC Walk The GAP University College Cork 135,457
TBC DCU Library Dublin City University 9,500
TBC DCU Psychology 2 Dublin City University 130,338
TBC DCU HDMIT Year 1 Dublin City University 121,299
TBC DCU HIS Dublin City University 89,270
TBC Walking Back to Ireland Dublin City University 58,214
TBC Brillant Bachelors Business BS1 :DC111 Dublin City University 10,000
TBC These4Walls Arup 113,356
TBC Seriously, Wear a Mask National Transport Authority 66,492
TBC Sean’s Team NUI Galway 3,000
TBC Pickled onion NUI Galway 50,704
TBC Galway Gorls NUI Galway 15,675
TBC Team Hazel Park NUI Galway 134,369
TBC B!tches be Green NUI Galway 21,648
TBC Red Hot Chilli Steppers NUI Galway 19,217
TBC Queen Bees Dublin City University 2